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Behemoth "Thelema.6" CD
Label Peaceville
Release date 2000
Style Black/Death Metal
Country Poola
Price: 8.99 EUR
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1. Antichristian Phenomenon
2. The Act of Rebellion
3. Inflamed With Rage
4. Pan Satyros
5. Natural Born Philosopher
6. Christians to the Lions
7. Inauguration of Scorpio Dome
8. In the Garden of Dispersion
9. The Universe Illumination (Say "Hello" to My Demons)
10. Vinvm Sabbati
11. 23 (The Youth Manifesto)

12. Malice
13. Sarcofago
14. Hello Space Boy
15. From the Pagan Vastlands

Enhanced Video Track:
"Christians to the Lions"

Length: 55:00

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‘Thelema 6’, the bands fifth album, was originally released in 2000, and stood as an important milestone in the evolution of Behemoth, introducing more elements from the death metal genre, all the time advancing and developing further from their black metal roots, both as composers and musicians. This edition includes 4 bonus tracks, plus video track.

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