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Napalm Death "Utopia Banished" CD
Label Earache
Release date 1992
Style Death/Grind
Country Suurbritannia
Price: 10.49 EUR
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1. Discordance
2. I Abstain
3. Dementia Access
4. Christening of the Blind
5. The World Keeps Turning
6. Idiosyncratic
7. Aryanisms
8. Cause and Effect (Part II)
9. Judicial Slime
10. Distorting the Medium
11. Got Time to KIll
12. Upward and Uninterested
13. Exile
14. Awake (To a Life of Misery)
15. Contemptuous

Length: 39:12

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Napalm Death┬┤s evolution continued with 1992┬┤s album "Utopia Banished", marking another change of direction for the band. Here the band stylistically veer somewhere between the grindcore noise assaults of their earlier albums like "Scum" and the straightforward death metal of predecessor "Harmony Corruption", also incorporating quite a bit of experimentalism.

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