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Obituary "Darkest Day (Ltd.)" Slipcase CD
Label Candlelight
Release date 2009
Style Death Metal
Country USA
Price: 12.99 EUR
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1. List of Dead [MySpace]
2. Blood to Give
3. Lost
4. Outside My Head
5. Payback
6. Your Darkest Day
7. This Life
8. See Me Now
9. Fields of Pain
10. Violent Dreams
11. Truth Be Told
12. Forces Realign
13. Left to Die

Bonus tracks:
Live in Sofia 6/22/2006
14. Insane
15. On the Floor

Length: 52:39 + bonus

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In 2007 one of death metal’s crown jewels, Obituary returned with album "Xecutioner’s Return" and fans could not have been more enthused. Two years later the band were back with their new epic. Signature in every way, "Darkest Day" showed that Obituary truly gets better with age.

Limited edition includes two extra tracks as interactive element, 16 page poster sleeve and slipcase.

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