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Possessed "Beyond The Gates / The Eyes of Horror (The Ultimate Ed.)" Digipak CD
Label Century Media
Release date 1986/1998
Style Thrash/Death Metal
Country USA
Price: 13.99 EUR
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"Beyond The Gates" (1986)
1. Intro
2. The Heretic [MySpace]
3. Tribulation
4. March To Die
5. Phantasm
6. No Will To Life
7. Beyond The Gates
8. The Beasts Of The Apocalypse
9. Seance
10. Restless Dead
11. Dog Fight

"The Eyes Of Horror" EP (1987)
12. Confessions
13. My Belief
14. The Eyes Of Horror
15. Swing Of The Axe

Length: 54:55

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Possessed┬┤s first album "Seven Churches" was an incredibly influencial album, marking the birth to the sub-genre "death metal". "Beyond The Gates" was released a year later and was as influential as its precedessor. The re-release contains 1987 EP "The Eyes Of Horror" as bonus.

Noble gatefold digipak including a 16-page booklet with all lyrics and old photos as well as a poster with the album artwork on one side and the artwork of the EP on the other side.

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