CD \ W
Wakeman, Rick "Myths & Legends Of King Arthur & The Knights Of The Round Table" CD 1975 (A&M Records) 6.49 EUR osta
Walknut "Graveforests And Their Shadows" CD 2007 (Stellar Winter Records) 11.49 EUR osta
Wall Of Sleep "...And Hell Followed With Him" CD 2007 (I Hate Records) 9.99 EUR osta
Wall Of Sleep "Overlook The All" MCD 2003 (PsycheDOOMelic Records) 8.99 EUR osta
Wall Of Sleep "Slow, But Not Dead" CD 2004 (PsycheDOOMelic Records) 12.99 EUR osta
Wall Of Sleep "Sun Faced Apostles" CD 2005 (PsycheDOOMelic Records) 12.99 EUR osta
Waltari "Below Zero" CD 2009 (Stay Heavy Records) 10.49 EUR osta
Waltari "The 2nd Decade - In The Cradle" Digipak CD 2008 (Stay Heavy) 11.49 EUR osta
War "Dawn of New Epoch / The War Horde" CD 2007 (Regimental Records) 11.49 EUR osta
Warbringer "IV: Empires Collapse (Ltd.)" Digipak CD/DVD 2013 (Century Media) 15.99 EUR osta
Warbringer "War Without End" CD 2008 (Century Media Records) 13.99 EUR osta
Warlord "Warlord" CD 2002 (Audio Archives) 10.99 EUR osta
Warmen "Accept The Fact" CD 2005 (Spinefarm Records) 11.49 EUR osta
Warrant "Dirty Rotten / Cherry Pie / Dog Eat Dog" 2CD 2011 (Iron Bird) 14.99 EUR osta
Wasara "Kaiken Kauniin Loppu" Digipak CD 2003 (Firebox) 2.99 EUR osta
Watain "Lawless Darkness" CD 2010 (Season Of Mist) 12.99 EUR osta
Watain "Rabid Death´s Curse" CD 2000/2004 (Drakkar) 12.99 EUR osta
Watain "Sworn To The Dark" CD 2007 (Season Of Mist) 12.99 EUR osta
Watain "The Wild Hunt (Ltd.)" Mediabook CD 2013 (Century Media) 15.99 EUR osta
Waters, Roger "Amused To Death" CD 1992 (Columbia) 8.99 EUR osta
Waters, Roger "Radio K.A.O.S." CD 1987 (EMI) 8.99 EUR osta
Wayd "Decadance" CD 2003 (Metal Age) 10.99 EUR osta
Wedding in Hades "Elements of Disorder" CD 2010 (BadMoodMan) 10.99 EUR osta
Wedding in Hades "Misbehaviour" CD 2012 (BadMoodMan) 10.99 EUR osta
Weedeater "Jason... The Dragon" CD 2011 (Southern Lord) 13.99 EUR osta
Wejdas "Þemes Alsavimas" CD 2004 (Dangus Productions) 11.49 EUR osta
While Heaven Wept "Fear Of Infinity" Slipcase CD 2011 (Nuclear Blast) 12.99 EUR osta
Whiplash "Messages In Blood - The Early Years" CD 1999 (Displeased) 12.99 EUR osta
Whiplash "Unborn Again" Digipak CD 2009 (Pulverised Records) 12.99 EUR osta
Whirling "Faceless Phenomena" Digipak CD 2010 (Eisenwald) 11.99 EUR osta
White Wizzard "High Speed GTO" MCD 2009 (Earache) 11.99 EUR osta
White Wizzard "Over The Top" CD 2010 (Earache) 11.99 EUR osta
Whitesnake "Saints And Sinners" CD 1982/1994 (EMI) 10.49 EUR osta
Whitesnake "Starkers in Tokyo" CD 1998 (EMI) 8.49 EUR osta
Whitesnake "The Silver Anniversary Collection" 2CD 2003 (EMI) 7.99 EUR osta
Who Dies In Siberian Slush "Bitterness Of The Years That Are Lost" CD 2010 (Solitude) 10.99 EUR osta
Who Framed Roger Moore "Woman With A Distortion Stompbox" CD 2012 (Blacklist) 10.49 EUR osta
Wicked, The "...For Theirs Is The Flesh" CD 2002 (Spikefarm) 4.99 EUR osta
Wicked, The "Sonic Scriptures of the End Times..." CD 2004 (Spikefarm) 11.49 EUR osta
Wigwam "Hard ´n´ Horny " CD 1969/2003 (Love) 8.99 EUR osta
Wigwam "Lucky Golden Stripes And Starpose" CD 1976/2001 (Love) 8.99 EUR osta
Wigwam "Nuclear Nightclub" CD 1975/2000 (Love) 8.99 EUR osta
Wigwam "Tombstone Valentine" CD 1970/2003 (Love) 8.99 EUR osta
Wilkolak "Serenada Dzieci Nocy" CD 2006 (Eastside Records) 11.49 EUR osta
Wilson, Steven "Hand. Cannot. Erase." Digipak CD 2015 (K-Scope) 13.99 EUR osta
Wilson, Steven "Hand. Cannot. Erase." Mediabook CD/DVD-V 2015 (K-Scope) 16.99 EUR osta
Winds "Prominence And Demise" CD 2007 (The End Records) 12.99 EUR osta
Winds "Reflections of the I / Of Entity and Mind" CD 2002 (The End Records) 12.99 EUR osta
Winds "The Imaginary Direction Of Time" CD 2004 (The End Records) 12.99 EUR osta
Wine From Tears "Through The Eyes Of A Mad" CD 2009 (BadMoodMan Music) 11.49 EUR osta
Wino "Punctuated Equilibrium" CD 2009 (Southern Lord Records) 12.99 EUR osta
Winterfylleth "The Threnody Of Triumph" CD 2012 (Candlelight) 13.99 EUR osta
Winters "Black Clouds In Twin Galaxies" CD 2007 (Rise Above) 12.99 EUR osta
Witch Mountain "Mobile Of Angels" Digisleeve CD 2014 (Svart) 11.99 EUR osta
Witchcraft "Firewood" CD 2005 (Rise Above) 12.99 EUR osta
Witchcraft "Legend (Ltd.)" Digipak CD 2012 (Nuclear Blast) 13.99 EUR osta
Witchery "Don´t Fear The Reaper" CD 2006 (Century Media Records) 12.99 EUR osta
Witchery "Witchkrieg" Ltd. Digipak CD 2010 (Century Media) 13.99 EUR osta
Witchfinder General "Live ´83" CD 2006/2007 (Nuclear War Now!) 11.49 EUR osta
Witchmaster "Masochistic Devil Worship" CD 2002 (Pagan Records) 11.49 EUR osta
Withering "Gospel Of Madness" CD 2004 (Firebox/Warhorse Records) 8.99 EUR osta
Withering Surface "Walking On Phantom Ice" CD 2001 (Copro Records) 11.49 EUR osta
Witherscape "The Inheritance (Ltd.)" Mediabook CD 2013 (Century Media) 17.99 EUR osta
Within Temptation "Hydra (Ltd. Deluxe Ed.)" Digibook 2CD 2014 (self-released) 17.99 EUR osta
Wizard´s Beard "Pure Filth" CD 2011 (PsycheDOOMelic) 11.99 EUR osta
Wolf "Devil Seed (Ltd.)" Digipak CD 2014 (Century Media) 14.99 EUR osta
Wolf "The Black Flame" CD 2006 (Century Media) 6.99 EUR osta
Wolfchant "Bloody Tales Of Disgraced Lands" CD 2005 (CCP) 9.99 EUR osta
Wolfheart "Winterborn" Digisleeve CD 2013/2015 (Spinefarm) 11.99 EUR osta
Wolfmare "The Sacred Mushroom and the Crows" CD 2013 (Sound Age) 10.99 EUR osta
Wolfsschrei "The Unknown Spectre Of Evil" MCD 2010 (Black Devastation) 7.99 EUR osta
Woods Of Belial "Deimos XIII" CD 2003 (Firedoom Music) 11.49 EUR osta
Worship "Terranean Wake" CD 2012 (Weird Truth) 11.99 EUR osta
Wounded Kings, The "The Shadow Over Atlantis" CD 2010 (I Hate Records) 12.99 EUR osta
Wovenwar "Wovenwar" Digipak CD 2014 (Metal Blade) 13.99 EUR osta
Wraith Of The Ropes "Ada" CD 2005 (Total Rust) 10.99 EUR osta
Wreck Of The Hesperus "The Sunken Threshold" CD 2006 (Aesthetic Death) 11.49 EUR osta
Wright, Rick "Broken China" CD 1996 (EMI) 8.49 EUR osta
Wylde, Zakk "Book of Shadows" 2CD 1996/1999 (Armoury) 9.99 EUR osta
Wyrd "Rota" CD 2005 (Omvina) 11.49 EUR osta
Wyrd "Vargtimmen Pt. I" CD 2003/2005 (Omvina) 10.99 EUR osta
Wyrd "Vargtimmen Pt. II" CD 2004/2004 (Omvina) 10.99 EUR osta
Wyrd "Wrath & Revenge" Compilation CD 2003/2004 (Solistitium Records) 11.49 EUR osta
Wyrm Sub Terra "Wyrm" CD 2013 (omaväljaanne) 9.99 EUR osta