Ceremonial Perfection "Alone in the End"   [Loe arvustusi]

Ceremonial Perfection on viieliikmeline meloodilist death-metalit tegev Tallinna bänd, mis tuli kokku 2007. aastal ning mille senine areng on üsna muljetavaldav. Bändi muusika on üles ehitatud meloodiate, raskete riffide ning atmosfäärsete klahvpillide kaasakiskuvale sümbioosile, mis tõmbab kaasa ka inimesi, kes muidu ehk metalit ei kuulagi. Võrdlused Dark Tranquillity ja In Flamesi uuema loominguga on igati asjakohased, kuid CP-d innustab kihk kulgeda täiesti omal rajal.

2010. aasta kevadel mängis Ceremonial Perfection stuudios Sinusoid sisse oma esikalbumi "Alone in the End", helimeheks ja kaasprodutsendiks Kristo Kotkas (No-Big-Silence). Klahvpillide eest hoolitses Dmitry I bändidest Freakangel ja Suicidal Romance, kitarrisoolo loos "Autumn Of Memories" mängis Tarvo Valm The Sun´ist ja Human Groundist. Kujunduse eest hoolitses aga Bjõrn Gosses stuudiost Killustrations, mees, kes varem töötanud koos selliste nimedega nagu Amon Amarth, Kataklysm, Six Feet Under jpt.

Album ilmub 11.01.2011 - Eestis väljaandjaks Nailboard Records, idanaabrite juures suur Fono Ltd.

1. Intro
2. Symbols and Processes
3. Blinding White
4. Havoc
5. Autumn of Memories
6. Through Your Devil Nature
7. My Labyrinth
8. Asymmetry
9. Tomorrow of Today

Välja antud: 11.01.2011
Formaadid: Digipak CD
Kataloog# Board 028


My Global Mind

Now before I get too far into this review I have to let you know that CEREMONIAL PERFECTION are a pure melodic death metal band with no other influences or styles flowing through their music. The only reason I say this is because I know a lot of the metal listening public are moving away from this particular genre in search of something new and fresh, I totally understand this way of thinking, but ALONE IN THE END is one of the best examples of the genre in years so if you have ever been into this style of metal I am imploring you to stick around for just one more album at least.

I’m just going to come out and say it….this album is almost as good as anything godfathers IN FLAMES ever released and it’s clear that they have been a bog influence here, even the band’s name comes from the lyrics of an IN FLAMES song. Now keep in mind that the average age of the members of CEREMONIAL PERFECTION is around twenty, then consider that IN FLAMES first came onto the scene seventeen years ago (I bet you feel old now hey?) in 1994. What that means is these guys have actually grown up with this sort of music as the main driving force of the popular metal genre over the last decade and a bit, so it’s no wonder that most of their influence comes from this area.

The pure dedication to the melodic death metal sound really helps to drive this one home, and with nothing else attempting to be mixed in we end up with a very concise album which as I said is one of the best the genre has seen for a long time. Don’t believe me?…. Well just crank up opening track (after the obligatory intro of course) SYMBOLS AND PROCESSES, truly one of the year’s best metal songs featuring everything you could ever want from a melodic based death metal act. But don’t stop there though HAVOK, THROUGH YOUR DEVIL NATURE and ASYMMETRY are also pretty darn amazing too. If I was forced no find something negative here it would probably be that the vocals are a little ordinary every now and then, but it’s such a rare event that it hardly causes any lasting grief. Maybe the drums could have been a little more brutal and engaging in parts too but once again a very minor qualm that doesn’t affect the overall awesomeness you will find.

Considering how young these guys are and the fact that they will grow in skill and class as time goes by, it’s actually pretty scary to think just how good they could become. The simple fact is that if this album had been released eight or nine years ago in the genres heyday it probably would have been heralded as a classic. As it stands though it’s still a very, very good album and comes highly recommended to anybody that is still following the melodic death metal genre.

Written By ZeeZee
Rating : 9/10

Lords Of Metal

In 2007 a young group of metalheads in Talinn Estonia founded a band with the objective to make melodic metal, that would also appeal to audiences not familiar with metal. Meanwhile they built up a nice record of gigs and they have even done a Russian tour. That seems obvious from a distance, but it is probably a lot more difficult for them, than it is for a Dutch band to tour Germany and Belgium, or a Swedish band to tour Norway and Finland. The band bursts out with energy and it shows. More about that in the next paragraph. What I want to share with you is the background information that this is their debut release and the average age is still under twenty.

There are musicians out there who may live to be a hundred without ever achieving anything worth mentioning, but Ceremonial Perfection may shed off that fear at this stage already. Apart from the fact that they play reliable and tight, especially the guitars deliver some profound surprises. Combined with the keys and the sometimes unconventional drums it delivers a fairly unique vibe. The vocals on the other hand are not surprising at all, but it just delivers the contribution one may expect from a death metal singer. He chose to sing rather screaming, more than the typical roaring, which makes it at least a bit more authentic. Bands like Ceremonial Perfection emerge like mushrooms at this moment, but that doesn’t take away that this is a fine piece of audio pleasure. In the same month I get to review the new Samael and a re-issue of Death one would find it hard to get noticed, but Ceremonial Perfection knows how to manifest itself sufficiently to gain a recommendation.


Stereo Killer

Estonian band Ceremonial Perfection attempt to pass themselves off as death metal, but in all honestly they play mostly rehashed metalcore riffs that have been played a million times, by a million diffferent bands formed by guys who work at Hot Topic.

These guys obviously know how to play their instruments well, and while the technicality of the music isn´t mind-blowing, it is done well, especially the drumming. Another thing to their credit is that they have mastered how to write very catchy riffs. Catchy in a middle-school way, but catchy nonetheless.

There are a quite a few gripes I have with this album, however. The gang vocals/singing parts threw me off, are totally unnecessary, and at some points almost venture into nu-metal land. Also, the keyboards ,instead of adding to the riffs, usually just make them sound more silly. There are also way too many early 2000´s metalcore touchstones than I am comfortable with.

My main problem, thought that it may be a plus for some, is the production. I´m not someone who wants metal to sound "kvlt" and lo-fi, but the production on this album is just over the top. From the keys and the synths, to the vocals, it all becomes a little much. So many nuances and keyboard textures don´t leave much breathing room for the actual songs.

If this album, Alone in the End, had come out 5-10 years earlier, I´m sure kids would have been all over it. It´s too bad Ceremonial Perfection missed that bus.However, the guys in this band are quite young, and hopefully they will put out some quality death metal eventually.

Eesti Ekspress / Areen

Estraadimaiguline /death ­metal/ klantsmaailma lõpus.

Pajatus viimasest inimesest, mis on meid paelunud ajast, mil jutte üldse rääkima hakati, resoneeris tuumasõjaohu ärevas varjus sirgujate jaoks eriti vägeval sagedusel — Jens Sigsgaardi “Palle üksi maailmas” oli minuvanuste jaoks tihti esimene lohutut, sõgestavat eksistentsiaalset õõva süstinud teos.

Mistõttu oleme inimkonna lõpuloos sisalduva emotsionaalse laengu suhtes ehk paksunahalised ning noorukese Ceremonial Perfectioni katse sama postapokalüptilist jalgratast 21. sajandi teise kümnendi vaimus taasleiutada võib tunduda tobe. Samas ei saa välistada, et keskealisteks pintsaklipslasteks saanud kunagiste Pallede maailm päädibki nii nagu kujutatud ümbrisel – Viimase Paugu rusude vahel Pärnu õlle ja poisiohtu rajumuusikute seltsis.

Kui klišeelikust sõnumist mööda vaadata, on Ceremonial Perfectionil pakkuda mõndagi, näiteks rabavalt täpset ja tehnilist pillimängu, nauditavalt kliinilist stuudioheli, vimma ja vurtsu sama palju kui Children Of Bodomil, In Flamesil või Arch Enemyl. Omapäraseks teevad Eesti oma niši eredaima esindaja esikalbumi ülimalt meeldejäävad, millegipärast Nõukogude Vene estraadimuusikat meenutavad refräänimotiivid; paremad lood on “Symbols and Processes” ja “Havoc”.


Highwire Daze

For those who desire a lesson in world geography, Estonia is a country in the Baltic Region of Northern Europe, whose borders include Latvia and The Russian Federation as well as the waters from Gulf Of Finland. The capital of Estonia is Tallinn, a city whose many occupants include the membership of a metal band who goes by the name of Ceremonial Perfection.

Their debut release Alone In The End has been unleashed through the Estonian metal label Nailboard Records, and it’s a recording sure to place both entities on the worldwide metal map. One of the first recordings out in the New Year (release date 01-11-11), Alone In The End is an outstanding collection of metal gems well worth checking into. The most amazing aspect about Ceremonial Perfection is that while they play like true professionals at the height of their craft, no one in the band is over 20 years of age.

After a haunting Intro, the disc kicks into overdrive with Symbols and Processes, a thrilling call to metal arms that should instantly hook the listener in. Blinding White continue the driving melodic metal, with searing guitar work and a relentless rhythm section.

Havoc is a big and glorious anthem, one that is sure to create a massive amount of head banging when performed live. Autumn Of Memories is brilliant and mid-tempo, with subtle keyboard weaving a haunting atmosphere throughout the track. And the potential metal classics keep on sweeping through, as Through Your Devil Nature slams at the listener with a mesmerizing sense of ferocity and dynamics.

My Labyrinth is a stellar work showing just how exciting and ambitious the Ceremonial Perfection experience is. Asymmetry has heroic guitar playing and manic drum beats in overdrive – one could get whiplash trying to head bang it up to this cut. And closing out Alone In The End on a epic note is Tomorrow Of Today, an exhilarating composition that clearly shows modern day melodic death metal in its finest hour.

Alone In The End by Ceremonial Perfection is a classic debut from a band we’ll surely hear a lot more about in the years to come. With a career prologue this powerful, it will be exciting to see what this exuberant young band comes up with next. Be sure to check this one out, and as well as the other terrific Estonian bands on the Nailboard label.

Kenneth Morton


Безусловно, влияние географических соседей не могло не сказаться на музыке молодого эстонского коллектива Ceremonial Perfection – ведь до Скандинавии рукой подать. Сказалось оно хорошо или плохо – это уже другой вопрос. И, надо признать, ответ на него будет таков: хорошо!

Еще до появления «Alone in the End» слушатели могли оценить демо-запись группы, которая бродила по сети. На ней, кстати, невооруженным взглядом можно заметить нотки фолк-метала, который на дебютнике полностью выветрился, уступив свое место добротному мелодичному дес металу.

Запись альбома проходила в известной таллинской студии Sinusoid Studio, в то время как ручки на пульте крутил сам Кристо Котлас – знатный эстонский специалист, имеющий за плечами десятки проектов: и как музыкант, и как саундпродюсер. Надо сказать, звучит «Alone in the End» воистину прекрасно. Сочные гитары, сквозь которые пробиваются атмосферные клавиши, в сочетании с приблэкованным вокалом безмерно ласкают исколотое ухо.

К слову, клавишные партии на альбоме были исполнены Дмитрием, участником Suicidal Romance и Freakangel – проектов, не имеющих к металу никакого отношения. Приятно, что такая нелогичная коллаборация дает такой положительный результат. Помимо уже упомянутого Дмитрия, к записи был привлечен Тарво Вальм (лидер The Sun и Human Ground) чью гитару можно услышать на главном хите альбома – «Autumn of Memories».

Кроме «Autumn of Memories» и уже известной (благодаря радио) «Symbols and Processes» к лучшим творения пластинки стоит отнести песню «My Labyrinth» – за нежное интро, резко сменяющееся убойным рыком, грозящим мгновенной смертью всему живому (и не только).

Резюмируя все вышесказанное, остается поздравить Ceremonial Perfection с удачным дебютом и пожелать успехов и аншлагов в их туре по Прибалтике, который стартует 20 января. Парни дадут более десяти концертов, один из которых пройдет в Калининграде 31 января.

Kalyaamm, 8.2/10

Sputnik Music

Universum fans read: this is how modern melodic death metal, with clean vocals, is done. Riffs are crunchy and potent-sounding, and the growls of the vocalist involved, in this case by Vitali, are beefy and grizzly, the accompanying cleans being complimentary and harmonic in their roles within the music. Fake, tacked-on choruses and abundant amounts of cheese are notably absent as well. For the lactose intolerant metalhead in you or I, Ceremonial Perfection give us something worth digesting and diving into, and all before the stellar, new Dan Swano-produced Ominium Gatherum album drops in February, too.

Estonia’s Ceremonial Perfection offer Alone in the End, not being a revitalizing flare to the swaying and downtrodden melodic death metal genre, per se, but the album does carry that fleeting feeling of hope for this brand of music. It’s the kind of feeling that filled much of 2006’s Above the Weeping World, 2009’s Stone’s Reach and the 90s gem, Sacrilege’s Fifth Season, as well: this music can still sound fresh, alive, maybe not to its full potential here on Alone in the End. But the signs are there for something awesome to come from the band in the future.

Keyboards are used sparingly throughout on Alone in the End, adding a dab of ambiance here and there, such as on concert anthem “Through Your Devil Nature”, or to accompany a leading guitar riff as on “Autumn of Memories” and “Asymmetry”. As mentioned earlier Ceremonial Perfection never create music that comes across as cheesy or ear-grating. There are a few elements in the music where these boys from Estonia could have stepped it up a notch, though; a few acoustic interludes are nice, via “Intro” and “Through Your Devil Nature”, but more would have been welcome, as each track could have easily been as strong and head-bangable as the varied contrasting epic highlight, “My Labyrinth”.

What Alone in the End offers metalheads is surely something you’ve heard before, yet rarely these days is melodic death metal ever done this well, despite the album´s shortcomings. Ceremonial Perfection carry a lot of potential for themselves, having much of the subgenre´s problems already taken care of at this point in their career – unlike a certain band from Australia, mind you. And it’s fair to say that with a strong follow-up the band could easily place themselves in the upper tiers of the subgenre. Enjoyable and well-played, Alone in the End offer metalheads a glimpse of hope for everybody’s most hated/most loved brand of metal, melodic death in all it infamous glory.

Jared Ponton, 3.5/5