69 Eyes, The - Back In Blood (Ltd. Vampire Ed.)

69 Eyes, The "Back In Blood (Ltd. Vampire Ed.)" Digibook CD/DVD

Label: EMI
Released: 2009
Style: Goth´N´Roll
Country: Finland


1. Back In Blood
2. We Own The Night
3. Dead N´ Gone
4. The Good, The Bad & The Undead
5. Kiss Me Undead
6. Lips Of Blood
7. Dead Girls Are Easy
8. Night Watch
9. Some Kind Of Magick
10. Hunger
11. Suspiria Snow White
12. Eternal

Bonus DVD:
Dead Girls Are Easy (video clip)

Hollywood Kills (Live At Whiskey A Go Go):
1. Devils
2. Don´t Turn Your Back on Fear
3. Betty Blue
4. Christina Death
5. Crashing High
6. The Chair
7. Feel Berlin
8. Gothic Girl
9. Sister of Charity
10. Framed in Blood
11. Lost Boys
12. I Just Want to Have Something to Do
13. Brandon Lee



Soome goth´n´roll-uhkuse 2009. aasta kauamängiv demonstreerib taaskord The 69 Eyesi tumedamat ja raskemakõlalist poolt. Plaadi limiteeritud "Vampire"-versioon sisaldab lisaks DVD-d videoklipiga loole "Dead Girls Are Easy" (mille väntamist juhendas kurikuulus Bam Margera) ning täispikka kontsertsalvestist!


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