Progress - Tulejää

Progress "Tulejää" LP (Valge / White)

Label: Strangiato
Released: 2016/2017
Style: Progressive Rock
Country: Estonia


1. Hirmul on suured silmad
2. Janu
3. Rahutus
4. Eksinud

5. Uus plaan
6. Kuu
7. Musta lipu all
8. Tulejää

Length: 41 min.


WHITE vinyl, limited to 100 copies!

Progress, a prog rock band playing songs with Estonian lyrics, took off in 2009, when drummer Mattis and guitarist Kristen decided to
jam some old chool rock tunes for fun. Right off the bat things clicked well, a bassist was found, and an electric organ was recruited in order to achieve the right 1970s vibe. Ragnar, who joined the ranks in 2010, brought along both a set of vocal reeds as well as a saxophone. Guitarist Mattias enlisted a year later and Kristen, having become a multi-instrumentalist, picked up the keyboards. When bassist Johan signed up in 2012, the crew of the modern-day Progress was complete.

Spring of 2014 saw the release of Progress´ debut album „Pillipuhujad“ (Hornblowers), after which the band had to go on hiatus — besides Estonian rock, the country also needs military defense! Having earned their badges, Progress started working on new material. Now these unprecedented songs are fresh out the studio and the new album by Progress, „Tulejää“ (Fire-Ice), will be released in the autumn of 2016.

Musically PROGRESS is song-oriented, sometimes heavy, and always Prog. A twisted meeting of (early) BEARDFISH, (early) WIGWAM with a hints of RUSH, the five-piece is sure to please a wide spectrum of prog listener.


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