Amorphis - Skyforger

Amorphis "Skyforger" Gatefold 2LP

Label: Back On Black
Released: 2009/2019
Style: Progressive/Melodic/Dark Metal
Country: Finland


Side A:
1. Sampo
2. Silver Bride

Side B:
3. From the Heaven of My Heart
4. Sky is Mine

Side C:
5. Majestic Beast
6. My Sun
7. Highest Star

Side D:
8. Skyforger
9. Course of Fate
10. From Earth I Rose



"Skyforger" is as epic, absorbing, and solemn as the tales that it is based on. Amorphis have reached new heights, for them the sky is "not" the limit, it’s just the beginning of a new journey. TERRORIZER UK


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