Alcest - Le Secret

Alcest "Le Secret" Gatefold LP (Clear)

Label: Prophecy
Released: 2011
Style: Black Metal/Shoegaze
Country: France


Side A:
1. Le secret (2011)
2. Élévation (2011)

Side B:
3. Le secret (2005)
4. Élévation (2005)

Length: 55 min.


The original EP "Le Secret" from 2005 sets out the framework that is essential for all other works of Alcest. For the first time, Neige uses his music here as a medium to channel and communicate the esoteric experiences of his early childhood. Contains re-recorded versions from 2011 as well as the original 2005 recordings.

CLEAR vinyl repress, limited to 500 copies. Gatefold cover, includes poster.


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