Black Sabbath - The End

Black Sabbath "The End" 3LP Blue vinyl

Label: Universal
Released: 2020
Style: Heavy Metal
Country: United Kingdom


Side A:
1. Black Sabbath
2. Fairies Wear Boots
3. Under The Sun / Every Day Comes And Goes
Side B:
4. After Forever
5. Into The Void
6. Snowblind
Side C:
7. Band Intros
8. War Pigs
9. Behind The Wall Of Sleep
10. Bassically / N.I.B.
Side D:
11. Hand Of Doom
12. Supernaut / Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / Megalomania
13. Rat Salad / Drum Solo
Side E:
14. Iron Man
15. Dirty Women
Side F:
16. Children Of The Grave
17. Paranoid



The very last Black Sabbath concert from February 4th, 2017 in the band´s home city Birmingham! The band give their all one final time, displaying boundless energy at the culmination of the "The End" tour, making this an unforgettable experience.

3LP on blue vinyl.


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