Candlemass - King Of The Grey Islands

Candlemass "King Of The Grey Islands" 2LP (Splatter)

Label: Back On Black
Released: 2007/2019
Style: Doom/Heavy Metal
Country: Sweden


Side A:
1. Prologue
2. Emperor Of The Void
3. Devil Seed
4. Of Stars And Smoke

Side B:
5. Demonia 6
6. Destroyer
7. Man Of Shadows

Side C:
8. Clearsight
9. The Opal City
10. Embracing The Styx

Side D:
11. Edgar Grey (bonus)
12. At The Gallows End (bonus)
13. Solitude (bonus)

Length: 53:55


Picking up right were they left off, Candlemass brings us King of the Grey Islands, which has a great mix of songs which have clean guitar interludes, driving riffs, some smooth flowing drumming and some interesting effects that provide something different to an already fantastic album.

Grey with white/black splatter.


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