Kreator - Extreme Aggression

Kreator "Extreme Aggression" Gatefold 3LP

Label: Noise
Released: 1989/2017
Style: Thrash Metal
Country: Germany


Side A:
1. Extreme Aggressions
2. No Reason to Exist
3. Love us or hate us
4. Stream of Consciousness

Side B:
5. Some Pain will Last
6. Betrayer
7. Don´t trust
8. Bringer of Torture
9. Fatal Energy

LP 2 & 3 - Live in East Berlin 1990:
Side A:
1. Some Pain Will Last
2. Extreme Aggression
3. Under the Guillotine
4. Toxic Trace

Side B:
5. Bringer of Torture
6. Pleasure to Kill
7. Flag of Hate

Side C:
8. Terrible Certainty
9. Riot of Violence
10. Love Us or Hate Us
11. Behind the Mirror

Side D:
12. Betrayer
13. Awakening of the Gods
14. Tormentor

Length: 37:32 + bonus


Teutonic thrash-metal in it´s finest form and finest era. The title of the album actually says all!

The reissue on remastered triple 180g vinyl features the live cut "Live in East Berlin 1990" as bonus and overhauled artwork!


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