King Crimson - The Power To Believe (Expanded)

King Crimson "The Power To Believe (Expanded)" 2LP

Label: Panegyric
Released: 2003/2019
Style: Progressive Rock
Country: United Kingdom


Side A:
1. The Power To Believe I: A Cappella
2. Level Five
3. Eyes Wide Open
4. Elektrik

Side B:
5. Facts Of Life (Intro)
6. Facts Of Life
7. The Power To Believe II
8. Dangerous Curves

Side C:
9. Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With
10. The Power To Believe III
11. The Power To Believe IV: Coda
12. Sus-tayn-Z 1
13. Superslow
14. Sus-tayn-Z 2

Side D - bonus:
15. Bude
16. Happy with What You Have to Be Happy With
17. Mie Gakure
18. She Shudders
19. Eyes Wide Open
20. Shoganai
21. I Ran
22. Potato Pie

Length: 51:11 + bonus


Issued on vinyl for the first time. Manufactured on 200 gram vinyl and cut from masters approved by Robert Fripp.


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