My Dying Bride - The Dreadful Hours

My Dying Bride "The Dreadful Hours" Gatefold 2LP

Label: Peaceville
Released: 2001
Style: Death/Doom Metal
Country: United Kingdom


Side A:
1. The Dreadful Hours
2. The Raven And The Rose

Side B:
3. Le Figlie Della Tempesta
4. Black Heart Romance

Side C:
5. A Cruel Taste Of Winter
6. My Hope, The Destroyer

Side D:
7. The Deepest Of All Hearts
8. The Return To The Beautiful

Length: 01:10:49


Darkly emotional and autumn-gloomy death/doom metal masterpiece from 2001. With "The Dreadful Hours" My Dying Bride offer an album that presents all the trademarks that their fans have come to expect, yet using more keyboards this time to fill out the sound. The final track "The Return To The Beautiful" is a massive re-recording of the song off from their debut album.

A reissue on two 180 gram vinyls. Gatefold sleeve.


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