Mercyful Fate - Dead Again

Mercyful Fate "Dead Again" Gatefold 2LP

Label: Metal Blade
Released: 1998/2016
Style: Heavy Metal
Country: Denmark


Side A:
1. Torture (1629)
2. The Night
3. Since Forever

Side B:
4. The Lady Who Cries
5. Banshee
6. Mandrake

Side C:
7. Sucking Your Blood
8. Dead Again

Side D:
9. Fear
10. Crossroads

Length: 58:44


Although not perhaps the most perfect Mercyful Fate, "Dead Again" leaves no doubt that the creation of Fate can´t be underrated. Album from 1998.

180 gram black vinyl. Double gatefold album with large 2-sided poster!


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