Mercyful Fate - In The Shadows

Mercyful Fate "In The Shadows" LP

Label: Metal Blade
Released: 1993/2016
Style: Heavy Metal
Country: Denmark


Side A:
1. Egypt
2. The Bell Witch
3. The Old Oak
4. Shadows
5. A Gruesome Time
6. Thirteen Invitations

Side B:
7. Room Of Golden Air
8. Legend of the Headless Rider
9. Is That You, Melissa?
10. Return Of The Vampire... 1993

Length: 53:34


The first album from the reunited Mercyful Fate, IN THE SHADOWS adopts the stripped-down sound and progressive songwriting of the group´s debut MELISSA.

Vinyl re-release from 2016 as a part Metal Blade´s Originals-series:
- 400g heavy cardboard spined sleeve (inside-out print)
- 250g insert
- large artwork poster (60x60cm)


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