V.A. - Heavy Metal Killers

V.A. "Heavy Metal Killers" LP

Label: Earache
Released: 2009
Style: Heavy Metal


Side A:
1. Powervice - Behold The Hand Of Glory
2. White Wizzard - High Speed GTO
3. Cauldron - Chained Up In Chains
4. Ram - Sudden Impact
5. Enforcer - Mistress Of Hell
6. H.O.D. - Kicked To The Kerb

Side B:
7. Crowning Glory - Sea Of Dead Dreams
8. Portrait - A Thousand Nightmares
9. Celtic Legacy - Live By The Sword
10. Alltheniko - Feel The Power
11. Voltax - Steel Maker
12. In Solitude - Witches Sabbath
13. Cast Iron - Running From The Law



This awesome new compilation features 13 tracks from the best fresh, young bands who share one common goal - to bring back the glory days of heavy metal and with it, good old-fashioned headbanging riffs and that rarest of talents in this age of growlers - powerful, true heavy metal vocals.

With great artwork and booklet containing full information on all the bands included, this is the album that every Heavy Metal fan needs.

Blue vinyl, limited to 250.


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