V.A. - Metalmania 2005

V.A. "Metalmania 2005" DVD/CD

Label: Metal Mind
Released: 2006
Country: Various


Darzamat - Storm
Dies Irae - Intro / Beyond All Dimensions
Dies Irae - The Hunger
ANJ - Set on Fire
ANJ - Power to Destroy
Amon Amarth - Fate of Norns
Amon Amarth - Death in Fire
Dark Funeral - Ravenna Strigoi Mortii
Dark Funeral - Secrets of the Black Art
Dark Funeral - Goddess of Sodomy
Dark Funeral - Armageddon
The Haunted - 99
The Haunted - Abysmal
The Haunted - Nothing´s Right
Pain - Dancing with the Dead
Pain - Shut Your Mouth
Arcturus - Painting My Horror
Arcturus - Ad Absurdum
Turbo - Szalony Ikar
Turbo - Legenda Thora
Turbo - Kawaleria Szatana I
Napalm Death - Next on the List
Napalm Death - Silence is Deafening
Apocalyptica - Bittersweet
Apocalyptica - Betrayal
Apocalyptica - Seek & Destroy

Audio CD:
including bands like Thunderbolt, Hell-Born, Mess Age, Abused Majesty, Naumachia jne.

Length: 03:30:00


Metalmania is the biggest and the most prestigious metal festival in Central-Eastern Europe. Every year the main tage hosts the top of metal bands from all around the world (DVD), while on the side stage there´s a preview of young Polish metal scene (CD.) The 2005 DVD features the best fragments of performances of such renowned artists as Apocalyptica, Napalm Death, Arcturus, Pain, The Haunted, Dark Funeral, Amon Amarth, Turbo and more! The DVD includes detailed info about all bands (biographies, discographies, web links), photo gallery, festival history, 4 downloadable desktop images, and short interviews with all main stage bands featured on the DVD.


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