Rage - Full Moon In St. Petersburg

Rage "Full Moon In St. Petersburg" DVD/CD

Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Released: 2007
Style: Heavy/Power Metal
Country: Germany


1. Intro
2. Speak Of The Dead
3. No Fear
4. Sent By The Devil
5. Soul Survivor
6. Enough Is Enough
7. Baby, I´m Your Nightmare
8. Morituri Te Salutant
9. Prelude Of Souls
10. Innocent
11. Depression
12. No Regrets
13. Confusion
14. Black
15. Beauty
16. Don´t Fear The Winter
17. Full Moon
18. Higher Than The Sky
19. 31. Guitar Workshop with Victor Smolski (Bonus Track)

Bonus Tracks:

18. Straight To Hell (Video Clip)
19. No Fear (Video Clip)
20. Don´t Fear The Winter (Stay Heavy TV Brasil)

Live At Masters Of Rock Festival, Czech Republic 2006:

21. Depression
22. No Regrets
23. Confusion
24. Black
25. Beauty
26. Full Moon
27. Higher Than The Sky

Live In St. Petersburg 20.05.2006

Length: 01:43:00/01:08:00


European PAL version of this Rage DVD, featuring their set from a show in St. Petersburg, plus a wealth of cool extra features, including a Victor Smolski guitar tutorial. Also comes with a bonus audio CD!


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