Black Sabbath - Live... Gathered in Their Masses

Black Sabbath "Live... Gathered in Their Masses" DVD

Label: Universal
Released: 2013
Style: Heavy Metal
Country: United Kingdom


1. War Pigs
2. Into The Void
3. Loner
4. Snowblind
5. Black Sabbath
6. Behind The Wall Of Sleep
7. N.I.B.
8. Methademic
9. Fairies Wear Boots
10. Symptom Of The Universe
11. Iron Man
12. End Of The Beginning
13. Children Of The Grave
14. God Is Dead?
15. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Intro) / Paranoid



Sabbath´s triumphant 2013 tour can now be seen by fans around the world via the "Black Sabbath: Live... Gathered in Their Masses" - featuring the first-ever live performances of songs from the band´s 2013 critically acclaimed "13" album, along with the classics.


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