Burzum - From The Depths Of Darkness

Burzum "From The Depths Of Darkness" CD

Label: Byelobog
Released: 2011
Style: Black Metal
Country: Norway


1. The Coming (intro)
2. Feeble Screams from Forests Unknown
3. Sassu Wunnu (intro)
4. Ea, Lord of the Depths
5. Spell of Destruction
6. A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit
7. My Journey to the Stars
8. Call of the Siren (intro)
9. Key to the Gate
10. Turn the Sign of the Microcosm (Snu Mikrokosmos´ Tegn)
11. Channeling the Power of Minds Into a New God

Length: 01:02:29


The favorite tracks of Varg Vikernes from his first two albums "Burzum" and "Det Som Engang Var", recorded in 2010 the way he originally intended.

This is the first part of his re-recording series, with the second part focusing on "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss" and "Filosofem" albums to be released in 2012.


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