Iron Maiden - Dance Of Death

Iron Maiden "Dance Of Death" Digipak CD

Label: Parlophone
Released: 2003/2019
Style: Heavy Metal
Country: United Kingdom


1. Wildest Dreams
2. Rainmaker
3. No More Lies
4. Montsegur
5. Dance Of Death
6. Gates Of Tomorrow
7. New Frontier
8. Paschendale
9. Face in The Sand
10. Age Of Innocence
11. Journeyman

Length: 01:08:05


With "Dance of Death", Iron Maiden sought to continue their musical growth, taking the long prog-rock influenced sound found on their reunion album "Brave New World", and adding a new epic, theatrical twist to it.

2019 reissue in the Digipak CD format. The recordings are taken from the same remasters as the 2015 hi-res digital releases.



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