Collage - Kadriko

Collage "Kadriko" Vinüül / LP

Label: hyper.records
Released: 2014
Style: Folk/Jazz Music
Country: Estonia


1. Kutse õitsile
2. Kadrilaul
3. Une sulased
4. Halb sirp
5. Petis peiu
6. Uni, tule silma peale!
7. Venna sõjalugu

8. Millal saame sinna maale?
9. Tütar nutab ema
10. Neiut pole kodus
11. Miks sa mulle ei tulnud?
12. Kiik tahab kindaid
13. Neiud lähevad ära
14. Kaevul kosija
15. Mardilaul



Bossanova, jazz, ethnic and classical mixed together with strong northern flavour. Strongly recommended to fans of The Swingle Singers and Novi Singers. Vocals by the best Estonian vocal group, instruments played by the cream of Estonian jazz musicians. As good as it was in 70´s.

This is the 2014 re-release of Collage´s second LP, that originally saw daylight in 1974.

LP mastering - Pauli Saastamoinen / Finnvox


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