Jürjendal, Robert - Lihtminevik / Simple Past

Jürjendal, Robert "Lihtminevik / Simple Past" CD

Label: Strangiato
Released: 2016
Style: Prog/Ambient/Instrumental
Country: Estonia


1. No Or Yes / Ei või ja
2. Brothers / Vennad
3. Kettle / Katel
4. Melting Memories / Sulavad mälestused
5. Up Up / Üles, üles
6. Old Stories / Vanad jutud
7. Aine / Substance
8. Above / Kohal
9. More / Veel
10. Simple Past / Lihtminevik



After Robert Jürjendal´s first two solo albums, "Source of Joy" (2013) and "Balm of Light" (2015), "Simple Past" puts more attention into the wider and rockier sound, produced mainly with U8 Deluxe Touch Guitar, an arsenal of effects, and drums played by the highly acclaimed Estonian drummer Andrus Lillepea.

Compared to Jürjendal´s previous albums, "Simple Past" puts less effort into loop-oriented music. Based mostly on the relations of guitar and drums, the album provides a wide range of sounds and includes passionate exchanges between players.

Video for song "Vanad jutud / Old Stories":


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