Goresoerd - Split with Tukkanuotta

Goresoerd "Split with Tukkanuotta" MCD

Label: Nailboard / Stay Heavy
Released: 2010
Style: Gore/Death Metal
Country: Estonia/Finland


1. Tukkanuotta
2. Kivimetsän broidi

3. Surm ka ei tea
4. Kõik on segi

Length: 10:41


Nailboard Records and the Finnish hard-hitting metal label Stay Heavy are cooperating towards a killer split release, the blame for which is entirely attributable to the showcase festival Tallinn Music Week that last took place in March of 2010. This was the first time Estonia’s leading dread metal demolition brigade Goresoerd shared the stage with fellow delinquents from the ghettoes of Helsinki, Finland — Tukkanuotta. The second one of such vile affiliations recently took place in Tallinn’s Rock Café at the tattoo fest “Street Mirror Expo 2010”.

For the first time Goresoerd are releasing “Kõik on segi” (“Everything Is Out of Order”), a track left out from the album „Tüdruk ja Surm” (“The Maiden and Death”), in addition to the dazzling hit song „Surm ka ei tea“ („Even Death Does Not Know“). Both of Tukkanuotta’s tracks are exclusive to this release.


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