Jürjendal, Robert - Rõõmu allikas / Source of Joy

Jürjendal, Robert "Rõõmu allikas / Source of Joy" CD

Label: Unsung Records
Released: 2013
Style: Kitarrimuusika
Country: Estonia


1. Rõõmu allikas / Source of Joy
2. Vihmalugu / Rainsong
3. Aeronaut
4. Veebruari päike / February Sun
5. Üle vee / Over the Water
6. Rõõmu allikas II / Source of Joy II
7. Tasasele maale / To the Plain Land
8. Elu märgid / Signs of Life
9. Asteroidid / Asteroids
10. Saunik / The Cotter
11. Rõõmu allikas III / Source of Joy III
12. Ja meie silmad tegid silla / And Our Eyes Made A Bridge
13. Deep C



""Source of Joy" is an exquisite, highly original and absorbing aural tapestry, revealing finer threads with each listen," Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree, Ex-Wise Heads, Random Noise Generator)


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