Anathema - Distant Satellites

Anathema "Distant Satellites" Digipak CD/DVD

Label: K-Scope
Released: 2014/2016
Style: Atmospheric Rock
Country: United Kingdom


1. The Lost Song - Part 1
2. The Lost Song - Part 2
3. Dusk (Dark is Descending)
4. Ariel
5. The Lost Song - Part 3
6. Anathema
7. You´re Not Alone
8. Firelight
9. Distant Satellites
10. Take Shelter

5.1 (mixed by Jens Bogren) / 24-bit Hi-Res Stereo

Length: 56:40


The highly anticipated follow up to Anathema´s 2012 studio album "Weather Systems" and concert-film "Universal".

"Distant Satellites is the culmination of everything Anathema has been working up to so far in its musical path. It contains almost every conceivable element of the heartbeat of Anathema music that it is possible to have." - Anathema, 2014

Double disc Digipak edition featuring CD plus 5.1 / 24-bit hi-res stereo DVD-V.


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