Anathema - Eternity

Anathema "Eternity" Digipak CD

Label: Peaceville
Released: 1996/2003
Style: Doom Metal
Country: United Kingdom


1. Sentient
2. Angelica
3. The Beloved
4. Eternity Part I
5. Eternity Part II
6. Hope
7. Suicide Veil
8. Radiance
9. Far Away
10. Eternity Part III
11. Cries On The Wind
12. Ascension

Bonus tracks:
13. Far Away (acoustic)
14. Eternity Part III (acoustic)
15. Angelica (live)

Length: 57:54


Less death-metallic and more doomish than Anathema´s previous outings, "Eternity" stands as a masterpiece of british doom metal.


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