Solstafir - Masterpiece Of Bitterness

Solstafir "Masterpiece Of Bitterness" CD

Label: Spinefarm
Released: 2005
Style: Progressive Black Metal
Country: Iceland


1. I Myself the Visionary Head
2. Nature Strutter
3. Bloodsoaked Velvet
4. Ljósfari
5. Ghosts of Light
6. Devil Mask
7. Ritual of Fire
8. Náttfari

Length: 70:16


The music Solstafir plays is hard to describe, but try to imagine the psychedelic blend of Primordial and "Monumension"-era Enslaved, forged on the lavafields of Island. Solstafir started out as a "normal" viking/black-metal, but "Masterpiece Of Bitterness" is the album they took the world by surprise with.


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