Motörhead - Bomber (Deluxe Edition)

Motörhead "Bomber (Deluxe Edition)" Digipak 2CD

Label: Sanctuary / BMG
Released: 1979/2009/2017
Style: Heavy/Speed Metal
Country: United Kingdom


CD 1:
1. Dead Men Tell No Tales
2. Lawman
3. Sweet Revenge
4. Sharpshooter
5. Poison
6. Stone Dead Forever
7. All the Aces
8. Step Down
9. Talking Head
10. Bomber

CD 2:
1. Over the Top - (B-Side)
2. Stone Dead Forever - (alternate take, live)
3. Sharpshooter - (alternate take)
4. Bomber - (alternate take)
5. Step Down - (alternate take)
6. Leaving Here - (live, Golden Years EP)
7. Stone Dead Forever - (live, Golden Years EP)
8. Dead Men Tell No Tales - (live, Golden Years EP)
9. Too Late, Too Late - (live, Golden Years)
10. Step Down - (live)

Length: 36:55 + bonus


Recorded in late summer 1979 and released by the end of the year, Bomber quickly followed up Overkill, Motörhead´s landmark breakthrough album from earlier in the year. The title track and the opener, "Dead Men Tell No Tales," remain two of the group´s all-time definitive tracks, both showcasing Lemmy´s patented hoarse growl and distorted bass riffing to spine-tingling and head-banging effect.


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