Amorphis - Far From The Sun (Reloaded)

Amorphis "Far From The Sun (Reloaded)" CD

Label: Nuclear Blast
Released: 2003/2008
Style: Melodic Rock/Metal
Country: Finland


1. Day of your Beliefs
2. Planetary Misfortune
3. Evil Inside
4. Mourning Soil
5. Far from the Sun
6. Ethereal Solitude
7. Killing Goodness
8. God of Deception
9. Higher Ground
10. Smithereens

Bonus tracks:
11. Shining Turns To Gray
12. Follow Me Into The Fire
13. Darkrooms
14. Dreams Of The Damned
15. Far From The Sun (acoustic version)
16. Evil Inside (enhanced video)

Length: 43:51 + bonus


Re-released and bonus-laden version of Amorphis´ 2003 studio album "Far From The Sun", probably the most psychedelic and prog-rockish album from the band ever. The last album with Pasi Koskinen on vocals.


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