Amorphis - Elegy

Amorphis "Elegy" CD

Label: Relapse
Released: 1996/2011
Style: Progressive Death Metal
Country: Finland


1. Better Unborn
2. Against Widows
3. The Orphan
4. On Rich and Poor
5. My Kantele
6. Cares
7. Song of the Troubled One
8. Weeper on the Shore
9. Elegy
10. Relief
11. My Kantele (Acoustic Reprise)

Bonus tracks:
12. Better Unborn (live)
13. Against Widows (live)
14. The Castaway (live)

Length: 01:15:00


Containing some of Amorphis´ most memorable melodic metal ever, "Elegy" imperceptibly interweaves a keen sense of melodic structure with harmonies from Finnish folk-song, lush keyboard atmospheres, psychedelic guitar tones and an array of vocal styles.

A reissue with three bonus tracks.


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