Anathema - Hindsight

Anathema "Hindsight" CD

Label: K-Scope
Released: 2008
Style: Acoustic/Atmospheric Rock
Country: United Kingdom


1. Fragile Dreams
2. Leave No Trace
3. Inner Silence
4. One Last Goodbye
5. Are You There?
6. Angelica
7. A Natural Disaster
8. Temporary Peace
9. Flying
10. Unchained (Tales of the Unexpected)

Length: 52:42


Released on Kscope Music, "Hindsight" is the first release of new studio recordings from Anathema since 2003´s acclaimed conceptual album "A Natural Disaster". Featuring selected favourites spanning the band’s career, as well as brand new track, ‘Unchained (Tales Of The Unexpected)’, Hindsight sees Anathema creating sensitive semi-acoustic arrangements - utilising acoustic, electric and orchestral instruments - that further develop the deep, emotional landscapes that Anathema has become justly renowned for.


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