Anathema - Weather Systems

Anathema "Weather Systems" Digipak CD

Label: K-Scope
Released: 2012/2016
Style: Atmospheric Rock
Country: United Kingdom


1. Untouchable Part 1
2. Untouchable Part 2
3. The Gathering Of The Clouds
4. Lightning Song
5. Sunlight
6. The Storm Before The Calm
7. The Beginning And The End
8. The Lost Child
9. Internal Landscapes

Length: 55:45


"Weather Systems" is the follow-up to Anathema´s hugely successful "We´re Here Because We´re Here".

The album was produced and mixed by by 5 times Norwegian Grammy nominated Christer-Andre Cederberg (Animal Alpha, In the Woods...) and features Lee Douglas in a more prominent role.

"Weather Systems" is the sound of a band finding it´s voice and growing in stature, moving further along a noble artistic path.

2016 repress in Digipak format.

Please note - this is not DVD-Audio (6-channel surround, uncompressed), but DVD-Video (5.1 surround with DTS data compression).


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