Bathory - Blood On Ice

Bathory "Blood On Ice" CD

Label: Black Mark
Released: 1996
Style: Viking/Heavy Metal
Country: Sweden


1. Intro
2. Blood on Ice
3. Man of Iron
4. One Eyed Old Man
5. The Sword
6. The Stallion
7. The Woodwoman
8. The Lake
9. Gods of Thunder of Wind and of Rain
10. The Ravens
11. The Revenge of the Blood on Ice

Length: 53:42


This album is the epitome of Viking Metal, and one of the most majestic pieces of music in creation. Recorded by Quarthon at the height of epic metal journey, it contains 10 tracks of rousing and powerful Viking metal hymns. The story is pieced together masterfully from various bits of Norse mythology and folklore, with added twists by the mastermind of Bathory. From slow acoustic songs like "Man of Iron" and "The Ravens" to the thundering heavy metal, and possibly best song of all time, "Gods of Thunder, of Wind and of Rain" this is an album every true metal fan should own.


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