Bathory - Destroyer Of The Worlds

Bathory "Destroyer Of The Worlds" CD

Label: Black Mark
Released: 2001
Style: Thrash/Black/Viking Metal
Country: Sweden


1. Lake of Fire
2. Destroyer of Worlds
3. Ode
4. Pestilence
5. Bleeding
6. 109
7. Death from Above
8. Kill, Kill, Kill
9. Liberty and Justice
10. Krom
11. Sudden Death
12. White Bones
13. Day of Wrath

Length: 01:06:01


"Destroyer of Worlds" starts where the last album left off, and further cements Quorthon´s reputation as a master of the different genres of extreme metal - a few of which he can actually claim to have started. Containing elements from all of the previous releases, this is a lethal new dose of powerful Swedish metal while being, at the same time, a sort of reminder where this band started and how far it has come since then.


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