Bathory - Twilight Of The Gods

Bathory "Twilight Of The Gods" CD

Label: Black Mark
Released: 1991
Style: Epic Viking Metal
Country: Sweden


1. Twilight Of The Gods
2. Through Blood By Thunder
3. Blood And Iron
4. Under The Runes
5. To Enter Your Mountain
6. Bond Of Blood
7. Hammerheart

Length: 56:52


Doomed and falling farther into the gulfs of the past, Quorthon once again scribes an absolutely heroic series of odes dedicated to his fallen ancestors. Taking inspiration from the theme of Ragnarok, the mythical Apocalypse of Nordic legend, this album combines slow-strummed acoustic passages with authoritative power metal soundscapes and crushing calls to the remembered glory of a world that has passed into the mists of time. The last of the great Bathory albums...


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