Bathory - The Return...

Bathory "The Return..." CD

Label: Black Mark
Released: 1985
Style: Black Metal
Country: Sweden


1. Revelation Of Doom
2. Total Destruction
3. Born For Burning
4. The Wind Of Mayhem
5. Bestial Lust
6. Possessed
7. The Rite Of Darkness
8. Reap Of Evil
9. Son Of The Damned
10. Sadist (Tormentor)
11. The Return Of The Darkness And Evil

Length: 36:49


The first band to outdo Venom in the all-important areas of satanic imagery and fearsome mood, Sweden’s Bathory pretty much invented the very idea of black metal in all aspects. Musically, lyrically, and in graphic appearance, Bathory said it all first, which would be a daunting enough task for an entire band to take on, much less one person. But at most stages of their legacy, Bathory was just that. Quorthon is the dude to hail (blame) for codifying the first setoff rules for what BM should look and sound like.


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