Caligula´s Horse - Bloom (Ltd.)

Caligula´s Horse "Bloom (Ltd.)" Digipak CD

Label: InsideOut
Released: 2015
Style: Progressive/Alternative Rock
Country: Australia


1. Bloom
2. Marigold
3. Firelight
4. Dragonfly
5. Rust
6. Turntail
7. Daughter of the Mountain
8. Undergrowth



Channeling the raw honesty of rock and the skill of progressive metal into a seamless voice at once energetic, grand and forthright, CALIGULA´S HORSE offers devotees of all strains of powerful and progressive music something unique. Highly recommended to fans of Opeth, Karnivool, Porcupine Tree, TesseracT, Muse, Tool and Haken.


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