Candlemass - Nightfall

Candlemass "Nightfall" 2CD

Label: Peaceville
Released: 1987/2007
Style: Epic Heavy/Doom Metal
Country: Sweden


CD 1:
1. Gothic Stone
2. The Well of Souls
3. Codex Gigas
4. At the Gallows End
5. Samarithan
6. Marche Funebre
7. Dark Are the Veils of Death
8. Mourners Lament
9. Bewitched
10. Black Candles

CD 2:
1. Bewitched (demo)
2. Battlecry (demo)
3. The Well of Souls (live)
4. Dark Are the Veils of Death (live)
5. At the Gallows End (studio outtake)
6. Mourners Lament (studio outtake)
7. Interview
8. Bewitched (video)

Length: 46:35/50:00


Digitally remastered reissue of the legendary doom metal album from 1987, with bonus disc featuring six additional tracks plus an interview with Leif Edling & Messiah Marcolin and Candlemass´ first video "Bewitched".


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