Candlemass - Tales Of Creation

Candlemass "Tales Of Creation" 2CD

Label: Peaceville
Released: 1989/2001
Style: Epic Heavy/Doom Metal
Country: Sweden


CD 1:
1. The Prophecy
2. Dark Reflections
3. Voices in the Wind
4. Under the Oak
5. Tears
6. Into the Unfathomed Tower
7. The Edge of Heaven
8. Somewhere in Nowhere
9. Through the Infinitive Halls of Death
10. Dawn
11. A Tale of Creation

CD 2:
1. Dark Reflections (Demo)
2. Under the Oak (demo)
3. Into the Unfathomed Tower (Demo)
4. Somewhere in Nowhere (Demo)
5. A Tale of Creation (Demo)
6. Interview
7. Dark Reflections (Video)

Length: 42:46/45:00


Digitally remastered reissue of the doom metal classic´s 1989 album, featuring a bonus disc with 5 demo tracks plus an interview from 2001 with Leif Edling & Messiah Marcolin, plus the video for "Dark Reflection".


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