Candlemass - Chapter VI

Candlemass "Chapter VI" CD/DVD

Label: Peaceville
Released: 1993/2006
Style: Heavy/Doom Metal
Country: Sweden


1. The Dying Illusion
2. Julie Laughs No More
3. Where the Runes Still Speak
4. The Ebony Throne
5. Temple of the Dead
6. Aftermath
7. Black Eyes
8. The End Of Pain

Bonus: "Candlemass Sjunger Sigge Fürst"
9. Bullfest
10. Samling Vid Pumpen
11. Bröllop På Hulda Johanssons Pensionat
12. Tjo Och Tjim Och Inget Annat

DVD: Live In Uddevalla 1993
1. Intro: Bullfest
2. The Dying Illusion
3. Dark Reflections
4. The Ebony Throne
5. At The Gallows End
6. Julie Laughs No More
7. The Well Of Souls
8. Dark Are The Veils Of Death
9. Mirror Mirror
10. The Dying Illusion (Promo Video)



"Chapter VI", released originally in 1992, was the fifth Candlemass studio album. After a string of classic doom metal releases, this was the first album to move away from a pure doom metal style into a more classic heavy metal style, and was the first release after the departure of legendary vocalist Messiah Marcolin, who was replaced by Tomas Vikström.


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