King Crimson - The Power To Believe

King Crimson "The Power To Believe" CD

Label: DGM
Released: 2003/2008
Style: Progressive Rock
Country: United Kingdom


1. The Power To Believe I: A Cappella
2. Level Five
3. Eyes Wide Open
4. Elektrik
5. Facts Of Life (Intro)
6. Facts Of Life
7. The Power To Believe II
8. Dangerous Curves
9. Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With
10. The Power To Believe III
11. The Power To Believe IV: Coda

Length: 51:11


With founder Robert Fripp still at the helm, aided by guitar legend Adrian Belew, Trey Gunn and Pat Mastelotto, the 35-year history of King Crimson begins a new chapter with this album. As usual, simple genre descriptions are useless, as Crimson have always existed outside the boundaries of rock, prog and jazz. But this remarkable record is arguably a career best.


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