King Crimson - The ConstruKction of Light

King Crimson "The ConstruKction of Light" CD

Label: DGM
Released: 2000/2007
Style: Progressive Rock
Country: United Kingdom


1. ProzaKc Blues
2.-3. The ConstruKction of Light
4. Into the Frying Pan
5. FraKctured
6. The World´s My Oyster Soup Kitchen Floor Wax Museum
7.-9. Larks´ Tongues in Aspic, Part IV
10. Coda: I Have a Dream
11. ProjeKct X - Heaven and Earth

Length: 58:18


"The ConstruKction of Light" was released in 2000. It may not be nearly as innovative as most of the band´s output, but it remains a tremendously fun listen nonetheless, especially for fans of the "heavy" Crimson.


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