Lacrimas Profundere - Filthy Notes For Frozen Hearts

Lacrimas Profundere "Filthy Notes For Frozen Hearts" CD

Label: Napalm
Released: 2006
Style: Gothic Rock
Country: Germany


1. My Velvet Little Darkness
2. Again It´s Over
3. Not To Say
4. No Dear Hearts
5. Short Glance]
6. Filthy Notes
7. Sweet Caroline
8. An Irresistable Fault
9. To Love Her on Knees
10. Sad Theme for a Marriage
11. Should
12. My Mescaline

"Again it´s over" video clip

Length: 48:22


Gothic metal from Germany. Lacrimas Profundere´s stylistic aesthetic has evolved over time, from death/doom rooted gothic metal to a more mainstream gothic rock style with the late albums.

The seventh studio album.


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