Motörhead - Iron Fist

Motörhead "Iron Fist" CD

Label: Sanctuary
Released: 1982/2004
Style: Hard Rock/Speed Metal
Country: United Kingdom


1. Iron Fist
2. Heart Of Stone
3. I´m The Doctor
4. Go To Hell
5. Loser
6. Sex & Outrage
7. America
8. Shut It Down
9. Speedfreak
10. (Don´t Let ´Em) Grind Ya Down
11. (Don´t Need) Religion
12. Bang to Rights

13. Remember Me, I´m Gone (B-side from "Iron Fist" single)
14. (Don´t Let ´Em) Grind You Down (Alternate Version)
15. Lemmy Goes To The Pub (Alternate Version Of "Heart Of Stone")
16. Same Old Song, I´m Gone (Alternate Version Of "Remember Me, I´m Gone")
17. Young And Crazy (Instrumental Of "Sex & Outrage")

Length: 35:39 + bonus


Motorhead were riding high in the early 80-s, courtesy of such big hit albums as "Ace Of Spades" and "No Sleep ´til Hammersmith". Produced by "Fast" Eddie Clarke himself, though it didn´t achieve the instant classic status of the previous two, "Iron Fist" kept Motörhead in the heavy metal spotlight.


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