Nazareth - Rock´n´Roll Telephone (Deluxe Ed.)

Nazareth "Rock´n´Roll Telephone (Deluxe Ed.)" Digipak 2CD

Label: Union Square Music
Released: 2014
Style: Hard Rock
Country: Scotland


1. Boom Bang Bang
2. One Set of Bones
3. Back 2B4
4. Winter Sunlight
5. Rock ´n´ Roll Telephone
6. Punch a Hole in the Sky
7. Long Long Time
8. The Right Time
9. Not Today
10. Speakeasy
11. God of the Mountain

Bonus CD:
1. Just a Ride
2. Wanna Feel Good?
3. Big Boy (live)
4. Kentucky Fried Blues (live)
5. Sunshine (live)
6. Expect No Mercy (live)
7. God Save the South (live)



The twenty-third album by the Scottish rock legend Nazareth.


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