Rotting Christ - Passage To Arcturo / Non Serviam

Rotting Christ "Passage To Arcturo / Non Serviam" Digipak 2CD

Label: Season Of Mist
Released: 2006
Style: Black Metal
Country: Greece


CD 1: "Passage To Arcturo" (1991)
1. Old Coffin Spirit
2. Forest of N´Gai
3. The Mystical Meeting
4. Gloria De Domino Inferni
5. Inside The Eye Of Algond

Bonus tracks:
6. The Nereid of Esgalduin (from 7" EP)
7. Vicious Joy and Black Delight (from 7" EP)
8. Feast Of The Grand Whore (demo)

CD 2: "Non Serviam" (1994)
1. The Fifth Illusion
2. Wolfera the Jackal
3. Non Serviam
4. Morality of a Dark Age
5. Where Mortals Have No Pride
6. Fethroesforia
7. Mephesis Of Black Crystal
8. Ice Shaped God
9. Saturn Unlock Avey´s Son

Bonus live videos:
- Morality Of A Dark Age (1994)
- Feast Of The Grand Whore (1994)
- Non Serviam (2002)

Length: 01:23:25


The almost mythical early recordings of Rotting Christ finally re-released in an attractive digipak double CD! Initially released in 1991, the band’s first mini-album "Passage to Arcturo" set the elements that would characterize the band´s original style in the years to come. The album "Non Serviam" (1994) had the characteristic sound of the Storm studio (which was essentially the band´s private studio) that marked the whole Greek scene and established the band as one of the most acclaimed black/extreme metal acts in the whole world.


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