Rage - Strings To A Web

Rage "Strings To A Web" CD

Label: Nuclear Blast
Released: 2010
Style: Heavy/Speed/Power Metal
Country: Germany


1. The Edge Of Darkness
2. Hunter And Prey
3. Into The Light
4. The Beggar´s Last Dime
5. Empty Hollow
6. Strings To A Web
7. Fatal Grace
8. Connected
9. Empty Hollow (Reprise)
10. Saviour Of The Dead
11. Hellgirl
12. Purified
13. Through Ages
14. Tomorrow Never Comes

Length: 54:48


Recorded at the Twilight Hall Studio and produced by Victor Smolski and their long term friend Charlie Bauerfeind (Hammerfall, Helloween), "Strings To A Web" stands as another brillant highlight in the history of this outstanding and unique trio, showing all those different faces of Rage, from pure heavy metal thunder, through classical and progressive landscapes, up to powerful thrash anthems.


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